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2050, 30 Oct 15

Legislator Accused of Pulling Out Gun

This is a pure he said – he said that has all of the hallmarks of a set up. Notice that the anti-gun folks went to the media instead of the police.

Madison— Gun control advocates say a state lawmaker with a concealed weapon permit showed them his pistol during a visit to his Capitol office Wednesday, a claim that the lawmaker denies.

Rep. Michael Schraa (R-Oshkosh) is one of the Legislature’s staunchest opponents of gun control, unsuccessfully sponsoring a controversial measure last session to make it a crime for state and local police to enforce new federal gun laws.

Schraa, who says he consistently carries his 9mm with him, also signed on as one of three dozen co-sponsors of successful legislation this year that ended the 48-hour waiting period on handgun purchases in the state.

Both sides agree that Schraa had a civil discussion about gun control Wednesday with two retirees active in the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort, but that’s where the agreement ends.

Jeri Bonavia, executive director of WAVE, said that two volunteers for her group from the Milwaukee area told her that Schraa had taken out his wallet and concealed carry permit from his left pants pocket and a small holstered pistol from his right pants pocket, with the retirees describing the holster as black. He showed the gun and permit while making a point about his support for gun rights, she said.

Bonavia said that after learning of the incident, she went twice to Schraa’s Capitol office after tracking it down, first by herself and then with the two volunteers. She said the lawmaker confirmed that he was carrying a concealed handgun in his right pants pocket by patting it multiple times but denied having displayed it.

“They were really shaken up more because they were accused of lying. They were really upset,” Bonavia said. “They were pointing at his pocket and saying, ‘Yes, you did, it’s right there.'”

Schraa said that was absolutely not true and questioned whether he was being “set up.”


2050, 30 October 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Bearing false witness is one of the great liberal strategy hallmarks.

    This made up story does not surprise me one bit.

    This same social justice liar did same thing to Rep Nygren and his staff and his staff had to prove that Rep Nygren wasn’t anywhere near this liar when she claimed he pulled out his gun.

  2. old baldy

    You better rethink your statement, “Bearing false witness is one of the great liberal strategy hallmarks”. The claim about how a short order cook made it to interviews for a state job (Steineke-R Kaukauna), welfare mama Cadillac ( Reagen R-Dementia), etc. prove you wrong, again.

    I live in Nygrens district. Can you fill me in. I play very close attention to John’s lack of interest in representing his constituents and have never heard that story. Please provide some details.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    I’ll bite. How did the Republican State Treasurer bear false witness against someone?

    Or any of your other examples?

  4. old baldy


    I don’t know, you brought him up. I mentioned Sen Steineke and Reagan, both lied to promote a political agenda. I don’t know what you have on Adamczyk (sp?).

    Those on the right, you included, have been known to bend the truth a little or a lot as suits your purpose. So don’t be calling out others….

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    What lies about those 2 were you refering to?

    I’d probably agree on them, depending on what you claim their lie is, but they were not in the news like this radical leftist.

  6. old baldy

    Your qoute:
    “Bearing false witness is one of the great liberal strategy hallmarks”.

    And I called you on it, as both Steineke and Reagan (both R’s) made famous lies to further their political agenda that were proven as lies. You are either really young, or not well informed. I’ll let you educate yourself.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    How about pointing out your specific examples to the less educated, such as myself?

  8. old baldy


    You will have to do that yourself. If you are so incurious and convinced of your infallibility to fact check your proclamations, it is beyond my ability to educate you. Read a newspaper, listen to NPR/WPR, read something factually historical, etc.

    All we see from you are statements of your righteousness, little of fact or substance.

    And what lie did Adamczyk tell, be specific…

  9. Kevin Scheunemann

    I pointed my example out in story above. I don’t believe your assertions exist about Reagan (which has nothing to do with this untruthful lefty activist), why would I search for big foot?

  10. old baldy


    It has everything to do with your proclamation “Bearing false witness is one of the great liberal strategy hallmarks”.

    Hypocrite, thou art Kevin.

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