Appleton Abortion Clinic to Stop for a While

Good news for hundreds of kids.

APPLETON — Planned Parenthood has suspended abortion services at its Appleton North health center for six months, the organization announced.

The decision for the center, located at 3800 North Gillett St., is due to a “temporary gap in medical coverage,” Teri Huyck, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, said in a statement. Its family planning center at 508 W. Wisconsin Ave. will remain open.


The services at the Appleton North health center, which performed 583 abortions in 2014, stopped on Oct. 14. There are no plans to move the Appleton health center to another location, and the decision is unrelated to ongoing legislative scrutiny against Planned Parenthood, Riis said.

The story is mostly an excuse for the reporter to parrot Planned Parenthood talking points, but there is a remarkable lack of curiosity about the actual reason. All we get is that it’s due to a “temporary gap in medical coverage.” What does that mean? Did the abortionist move? Did they lose some sort of certification to perform abortions? Why aren’t other services being affected? We have no idea because nobody apparently saw fit to ask.