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0913, 28 Oct 15

Appleton Abortion Clinic to Stop for a While

Good news for hundreds of kids.

APPLETON — Planned Parenthood has suspended abortion services at its Appleton North health center for six months, the organization announced.

The decision for the center, located at 3800 North Gillett St., is due to a “temporary gap in medical coverage,” Teri Huyck, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, said in a statement. Its family planning center at 508 W. Wisconsin Ave. will remain open.


The services at the Appleton North health center, which performed 583 abortions in 2014, stopped on Oct. 14. There are no plans to move the Appleton health center to another location, and the decision is unrelated to ongoing legislative scrutiny against Planned Parenthood, Riis said.

The story is mostly an excuse for the reporter to parrot Planned Parenthood talking points, but there is a remarkable lack of curiosity about the actual reason. All we get is that it’s due to a “temporary gap in medical coverage.” What does that mean? Did the abortionist move? Did they lose some sort of certification to perform abortions? Why aren’t other services being affected? We have no idea because nobody apparently saw fit to ask.



0913, 28 October 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Great news.

  2. Mark Maley

    Great news for folks who know what’s better for Women’s reproductive systems than women do .

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    Dehumanizing the pre-born. That’s how the extermination camps stay open.

    Carson is right, you can only abuse, and kill those you dehumanize. He was eloquent in his slavery comparison. That group of society was dehumanized like the way the pre born are by liberals today.

  4. Mark Maley

    Carson compares everything to slavery
    Or the Nazi’s

    A candidate who says rape and incest victims need to carry the child to term and
    Believes the mother should die by law to delver a fetus can not get elected

  5. scott

    I’m not buying all the handwringing and pearl clutching about “extermination” and so on.

    If any of you people had a real interest in reducing the number of abortions, you know perfectly well that there are extremely effective avenues available to you. Ones that don’t run afoul of the constitution and which won’t have women’s rights advocates breathing down your neck. In fact, they’d probably help you in these endeavors. And we could all watch the abortion rate plummet.

    And yet here we are.

    The reason none of you are interested is because those avenues of reducing abortion run afoul of your TRUE motives: subjugating women, controlling their sexuality and punishing sluts. When given a choice between giving sluts a pass and stopping half of all abortions, it’s not even a contest with you guys. You punish the women every time and let the abortions happen.

    So I’m not buying it.

  6. Seriously

    Too bad Scott’s mommy didn’t visit a clinic.

  7. scott

    And there is perhaps the best evidence that I am right about everything I wrote. The rebuttal is childish nonsense.

  8. Seriously

    Evidence of what, Scott? That your mother should have swallowed?

  9. Pat

    Come on Seriously, if your going to through out nothing but insults, then do it right like, “You dirty stuckup sadistic shit eating cock sucking butt fucking penis smelling crotch grabbing ball licking semen drinking dog raping nazi loving child touching cow humping perverted spineless heartless mindless dickless testicle choking urine gargling jerk offing horse faced sheep fondling toilet kissing self centered feces puking dildo shoving snot spitting crap gathering big nosed monkey slapping bastard screwing bean shitting fart knocking sap busting splooge tasting bear blowing head swallowing bitch slapping handjobbing doggy caressing mucus spewing anus grabbing hole plugging sewer sipping whoremongering piss swimming midget munching douche bagging hole munching carbohydrates processing asshole!!!!!!!!!”

  10. Seriously

    Such a sharp tongue you have. That might hurt Scott’s ass when you lick it.

  11. scott

    Another thing I might not take so seriously in the future: Owen telling me to watch my behavior or language on this site. Look at the shit that goes by without a word.

  12. Seriously

    Want a tissue for that, you fucking crybaby? Waah waah waah.

    Peoplez iz meanypants to me, Owens! I’m Scott! I’m an atheist! I’m smarter than everyone because I said so!

    I’d tell you to go fuck yourself, Scott, but I know you’d enjoy it.

  13. old baldy

    seriously (not really0:

    Hopefully you mother will wash your filthy mouth out with Fels Naptha, rinse, and repeat. Would do you and all the polite readers a world of good.


    I fully understand your position of freedom of speech, but allowing this on your site degrades from any meaningful discourse. And it provides a great “gotcha moment” for the loyal opposition.

  14. Seriously

    You should just insert a loaded gun in your mouth and pull the trigger until empty.

  15. old baldy

    not too serious:

    The physics involved in that activity would preclude completion. If you doubt my analysis, preform the act and prove me wrong.

  16. John Foust

    Where are all the moralists when you need them, eager to reprimand poor behavior?

  17. Mark Maley

    As I said before , this guy is lint .

    Ignore him .

    Or Ask him to have coffee with us .

    That sent him into hiding for about 90 days the last time I asked .

  18. Seriously

    Big tough guy, aren’t you Mark?

    I’m going as you for Halloween – does your Klan hood have a nose hole or not? Just want to make sure it’s accurate.


  19. old baldy


    Why do you insult lint?

  20. Mark Maley

    Old Baldy
    you are correct – I apologize to any lint that was offended by my intemperate remarks .

  21. Seriously

    Good news, Mark. My Mark Maley costume was a hit. I went ahead and cut a nose hole in the Klan hood.

    I had several ask if you were still planning on coaching basketball. Another couple asked about your plans for the school board. Another said he’ll see you at the next AA meeting. Oh, and you missed your dentist appointment last week.

  22. Mark Maley

    Gosh, thanks for taking so much interest in me .

    56-12 coaching basketball with a top 5 team and #2 in GPA nationally as an assistant since I left WB .
    I couldn’t be happier

    We beat the #2 ranked team in the country

    Owned my own business for 30 years and still doing well

    35 sober years in AA

    Lost the school board election but ran on what I believe in . I’m over it and glad some
    Moderates made it through the gauntlet

    Married 43 years – 3 great daughters and have a proud history of helping others

    Let the neighbors know I’m doing fine and thanks for your interest


  23. scott

    You should run again, Mark. I’ll vote for you.

  24. Seriously

    Voter fraud is a felony, you fucking piece of shit.

  25. old baldy

    not too seriously:

    Can you prove any of those accusations of voter fraud? Or are they just figments of your limited imagination, like all the other far right wackos?

  26. Seriously

    Scott lives in lily-white Waukesha. Mark lives in lily-white West Bend.

    You can’t vote for a school board candidate in lily-white West Bend when you live in lily-white Waukesha.

    Fucking dumbshit motherfucking moron.

    Got any more, you bald pussy?

  27. old baldy

    not too serious:

    In waukesha county you can vote wherever and whenever you want. That has been proven…

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