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0656, 21 Oct 15

Clock Boy Moving to Qatar

It’s amazing, if not surprising, how this family played the US media for suckers.

Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year-old Muslim boy from Texas whose teacher mistook his homemade clock for a bomb, will move to Qatar with his family.

Ahmed has accepted a scholarship from the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, where he will study.

He met US President Barack Obama at the White House on Monday.


0656, 21 October 2015


  1. scott

    Can’t say I blame them. If I were a dark-skinned Muslim living in America, first on my list would be to find somewhere else to live. But then, if I were African American, my agenda might be the same.

  2. Bob Hayssen

    Scott –
    Put your money where your mouth is. You too are free to move.
    Read up on Qatar’s ‘War on Women’, and find out when Qatar finally got around to sending a woman to the Olympics.
    How would you feel if you were a light-skinned Christian living in the mid-east? Assuming you were still alive.
    Your comments are valuable in that they show how wacked out some American views are.

  3. scott

    I stand by what I wrote, Bob. If I were young and black in America I would think hard about moving somewhere else, somewhere where I would face less prejudice and more opportunity. If I were Muslim, I think the same would apply.

    I have no affinity for Qatar. Just saying I can’t blame them for leaving here.

  4. Pat

    Sounds like he’s going to Qatar because of an opportunity for a great scholarship. Good for him. If someone here doesn’t like it, then offer him the same opportunity.

  5. Kip McCrary


    First question: Where are these magical lands that offer anyone a better shot than the US? They don’t exist, you should try traveling more.
    Second question: What do Muslims have to fear that requires them to move?
    Final Jeopardy: Did you look at the “clock”? It is actually an old alarm taken apart, packed into a suitcase to look like a “____”, for what purpose?

  6. scott

    Really, Kip? Are you suggesting that there’s no better place, no less discriminatory place, for a Muslim than the good ol’ US of A? And the same for a black man? Really? You think a Muslim has the same opportunity for advancement that his Christian counterparts have? Dude, on behalf of my people: welcome to earth!

    I don’t give a rat’s behind about the clock. I don’t want to persecute the police of school officials. I’m just saying that had the kid been white it would likely not have happened.

  7. Mark Maley

    Until the folks on the blog are stopped repeatedly for
    DWW (Driving while white)
    Assume you don’t know jack about the Black
    Experience in America

  8. Dan

    Good bye and good riddance.
    Soon to be a Isis fighter.
    So scott, I suppose that is why so many muslims and arabs want to come to this Country.
    Same thing with those coming from Africa.
    Besides, many Blacks are moving to the South, where it is socially conservative and many more job opportunities.
    Unlike in the liberal northern cities… like Milwaukee, where Milwaukee’s population continues to drop.

  9. scott

    Let’s get to the bottom of it, Dan. Do you think the United States is the country providing the best odds outcomes for black people? Or is there somewhere–anywhere–that they might do better? Same question for Muslims. Muslims are probably the most hated and distrusted minority in the country.

  10. Northern Pike

    You guys realize the ultimate “suckers” in this silly story were the teachers and school administrators in Texas who wet their pants.

  11. anon nona

    Look up how many White kids got suspended from school for lesser offenses than clock boy.

    A White Christian seven year old suspended for eating a pop tart into the shape of a pistol. A White teen suspended for wearing a T shirt with an American flag. Two White elementary school boys suspended for pretend Jedi Knight sword fight. A White elementary school kid suspended for drawing a Ninja. A White teen suspended for key chain with pistol charm. The list is endless.

    Had these kids been black or muslim they would not have been suspended, because Obama said blacks can no longer be disciplined or suspended for anything, regardless of how bad the behavior.

    Clock boy was handeled exactly the way Zero Tolerance dictates. Where did Zero Tolerance come from? The far left progressive nut jobs. Zero Tolerance has no common sense and ties everyone’s hands. So those that support bomber boy you are the ones that cried for the Zero Tolerance policy. The school did its job…..period.

    Why is it alright for muslims to kill Christians? Where is the out cry? Why no concern for Christian beheadings?
    Oh, right…does not work with the facist left agenda, which is to use certain groups to get and keep power and by demonizing those that don’t agree with the propaganda. So the school does its job and the facists jump to demonize people following protocol to further their fascist agenda.

    Why did the White House panic over a “suspicious” item left on a table at a park across from the White House? Streets were shut down, the park closed…….over a coffee pot. Hahahahaha. If clock boy took his “clock” on a White House public tour you better believe the whole place would have freaked out!
    CAIR was behind the clock, it was a set up, and it worked.

    Muslims and blacks are treated better than any other race and culture and religion in this country. They are given tons of money. Free education. Affirmative Action. Lowered test standards. Lowered expectations.

  12. scott

    “Had these kids been black or muslim they would not have been suspended, because Obama said blacks can no longer be disciplined or suspended for anything, regardless of how bad the behavior.”

    “Muslims and blacks are treated better than any other race and culture and religion in this country.”

    Holy crap. And I thought some of the other guys here were pretty wacky. A new benchmark has been achieved.

  13. 3rd way

    Is it just me or do the wackier fringe types who comment on blogs become more and more delusional ever year?

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