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0658, 21 Oct 15

Assad Pays Homage to Benefactor

An alliance made in hell.

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has visited Moscow on his first overseas trip since the civil war broke out in his country in 2011.

During the surprise visit, he held talks with President Vladimir Putin.

Russia launched air strikes in Syria last month against the so-called Islamic State (IS) and other militant groups battling Mr Assad’s forces.


0658, 21 October 2015


  1. Pat

    Unless we have a better end game for Syria, I say let Putin own it.

  2. 3rd way

    There is no good end game for Syria. We should be ecstatic that Vladimir has volunteered to take ownership of a quagmire we set in motion. We should follow Canada’s lead and step away quietly.

    Iraq/IS/Syria is going through a natural process of returning to its natural state as a sectarian/tribal organized society. Any outsider who wants to try and get involved in that and influence it’s out come is a moron.

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