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2034, 14 Oct 15

Kennedy Responds to Questions from Legislature

What always strikes me about reading Kennedy’s comments is the dripping condescension and arrogance. And it isn’t just story… it’s the same in almost every story. Kennedy is clearly incensed that these elected officials – those who represent the citizens and are his bosses – have the temerity to question his actions. What a tool. He needs to go.

Sen. Chris Kapenga, R-Delafield, questioned Kennedy about his relationship with former IRS Director Lois Lerner, who was at the center of a controversy over the federal agency allegedly targeting conservative groups.

“Seriously? Have you no decency? That is right out of the McCarthy era,” Kennedy said to Kapenga.

The two continued to talk over each other with Kennedy at one point asking, “Are you going to let me answer the question?”

Kennedy suggested he had already answered questions about his relationship with Lerner through past media accounts. He again described it as a friendship that had developed out of a professional relationship that dates back years.

“I don’t always believe what the press prints,” Kapenga said.

Kennedy also had a tense exchange with Rep. Joe Sanfelippo, R-West Allis, who ticked off a list of shortcomings he said were identified in a Legislative Audit Bureau review of the agency.


2034, 14 October 2015


  1. Pat

    I’m glad our legislators are continuing the laser like focus on the real issues that affect Wisconsinites

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Government agents (mis)using the power of government to destroy free speech is the utmost of serious matters.

    I’m for having Kevin Kennedy on the hot seat for weeks and months to answer for his crimes.

  3. Pat

    “I’m for having Kevin Kennedy on the hot seat for weeks and months to answer for his crimes.”

    Ok I’ll bite. Is there a criminal investigation into this? Who has been charged?

  4. dad29

    Let us recall, by the way, that McCarthy was correct.

  5. Pat

    “Let us recall, by the way, that McCarthy was correct.”

    McCarthy was correct. But let us recall that Hillary Clinton is under a criminal investigation by the FBI for possible security violation.

    Kevin says that Kennedy committed crimes. What law enforcement agency is investigating Kennedy, and for what specific crimes?

  6. scott

    I’m not sure the takeaway from McCarthy should be whether he was “correct” or not. It’s that he engaged in unfair accusations without evidence and ruined a lot of innocent people’s lives. It’s why we have the term “McCarthyism.”

  7. Pat

    I believe Dad was referring to Kevin McCarthy, not Joe.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann


    Anytime anyone uses the machinery of government, and their position of government, to stomp on, and squelch, political speech to aid thug-like SS raids over simple political advocacy is a crime against humanity.

  9. Pat

    Uh, ok Kevin. So there was no real crime. Gotcha.

  10. scott

    Wow. Stomping, thugs, Nazi raids and crimes against humanity–all in once sentence! Thank goodness Kevin is here to keep things grounded with his cool-headed analysis.

  11. Joanne Brown

    I was at the hearing. You report: “The two continued to talk over each other with Kennedy at one point asking, ‘Are you going to let me answer the question?'”

    The reason that Kevin Kennedy asked this is that Sen. Kapenga really would not let him answer. He was playing prosecutor, and interrupted Mr. Kennedy time and time again, “talking over” him. It was rude and looked to me like Mr. Kapenga was trying to get some good video for his next campaign.

  12. Mark Maley

    Watching The guy from Utah get his ass handed to him by the president of Planned Parenthood Shows how you can handle some grandstanding A hole who talks far more in s hearing than he listens

    I loved the look on his face after he presented a chart with no actual comparison points and said ” I pulled it from your budget when , as always , it was just another conservative Repeating conservative think tank talking points without understanding if they made any actual sense

    Snarky legislators are terrible human beings

  13. Kevin Scheunemann

    Pat, Scott,

    You both crack me up.

    I failed to see your denounciation of your average left activist shouting “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon” about our hard working law enforcement officers.

    I make a tame comment about those misusing law enforcement officers/resources to assault free speech and you try to accuse me of using rhetoric?

    Isn’t misuse of law enforcement resources the first lefty battle cry? Shouldn’t you support my statement from the basic lefty perspective?

  14. scott

    your average left activist shouting “pigs in a blanket,..

    That’s because “your average” Black Lives Matter proponent does no such thing. Finding that kind of nonsense and putting it on TV I’m sure was the top priority for conservative media. Mission accomplished. They are just trying to portray a deeply serious issue as a threat to the status quo. Which, I guess…it is.

    Wait, I forgot to compare them to Nazis! Oh, right. I don’t do that every other time I post on the internet.

  15. The Bystander

    Kennedy realizes that if you’re forced to testify before a kangaroo court, it won’t do any good to kiss the kangaroos ass

  16. Kevin Scheunemann


    I testified before the liberal kangaroo court at UW-Milwaukee for my daring to exercise of free speech.

    I learned one thing: leftists are anti-free speech, anti-freedom, and hold nearly everyone with an overt contempt.

    Kennedy, and Red Fred Risser, are the trifecta of those things.

  17. scott

    Ok, I’m in. I want to know what you testified about, Kevin.

    Also: “”hold nearly everyone with an overt contempt”? Thank goodness you’re above all that. (“Red” Fred Risser? I don’t even know who he is but if you describe him that way I’m sure I’ll like him.)

  18. Who cares?

    Fuck you, Scott.

  19. scott

    Fair enough. But at least I have balls and put my own name and face on what I write.

  20. The Bystander

    Kevin: While it won’t help to kiss the kangaroos ass, it won’t help to kick it either. Why didn’t you just say what you had to say and accept the consequences (like Kennedy)? Did the big bad black people in Milwaukee not like your Kewaskum Cracker routine?

  21. dad29

    JOE McCarthy was correct. Every name, every place. Read Venona files.

  22. scott

    False. Venona does not vindicate McCarthy. Sure, he did identify a few spies. But he accused many, many more who were guilty of nothing at all. Some say his wild accusations actually made finding real spies harder.

    What’d I miss, though? Why did redeeming McCarthy become a modern conservative thing all?

  23. Kevin Scheunemann


    Fred Risser- democrat state senator elected in 1956 . Nickname is “red Fred” because of his past and present support of Stalinist public policy. Made some ridiculous comments out of order during GAB reform. Nass smacked him down good, about his Party’s behavior under Doyle.

    I’ve commented on my free speech suffering at hands of liberals several times at UW-Milwaukee. Even got put on non-academic probation for it! (Whatever that is.). I learned a great lesson, never want to be the human being failures those liberals at UW Milwaukee represented.

  24. Kevin Scheunemann


    1.). My comments at UW had nothing to do with suppressing speech. I had a point of view on bus pass program administration did not like as editor of campus conservative newspaper.

    2.). Kennedy aided and abetted speech suppression.

    So, yes Kennedy should have admitted his liberal driven speech suppression.

    I, on other hand, had a team of lawyers smack the liberal university Stalinists down.

    So it had nothing to do with race. FYI, I lived in West Bend while attending UW-Milwaukee, so no reason to smear good people of Kewaskum over a free speech protector like myself.

  25. dad29

    Truth matters. Joe McCarthy “accused” a lot of people of being CPUSA members–which they were.

    When did Communism become a Good Thing, by the way?

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