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0917, 25 Sep 15

Yes Means Yes

Ugh, even my Alma Mater is falling victim to this craziness.

Texas A&M University has revised its sexual misconduct policy to narrowly define consent along the lines of the “yes means yes” or “affirmative consent” standards that are sweeping the nation.

A&M’s student newspaper, the Battalion, reports that the policy was revised prior to the fall semester.

Consent is now defined as “clear, voluntary and positive verbal or non-verbal communication that all participants have agreed to the sexual activity.” Consent must be given “prior to or at the same time as the sexual activity” and must be ongoing throughout.

Other than recording every sexual encounter (to include kissing, groping, etc.), I don’t know how anybody can be sure that they are complying with this and avoid being disciplined for regrettable activity. I also think it is ultimately harmful because it enforces a notion that a person doesn’t need to say “no” to unwanted sexual activity. We still need to educate people that they need to be clear and even aggressive at saying no to unwanted activity.


0917, 25 September 2015


  1. scott

    You know what’s worse than a ham-handed solution to young women being raped on college campuses across the country?

  2. Fairs Fare


  3. scott

    Young women being raped on college campuses across the country.

    Which is why I scratch my head over what things seem important and blogworthy and what things don’t.

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