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1627, 21 Sep 15

Concealed Carry Thwarts Assault in West Bend

From the Washington County Insider:

There was some excitement for a couple taking a Sunday evening, 8:32 p.m., stroll in Riverside Park after four men approached the pair and questioned the man about ‘his girl.’

One of the guys threw a punch at the suitor. He advised the boys he was legally carrying a concealed weapon. Upon hearing that news the foursome turned and hightailed it out of there.

Police caught up with the crew. One of them said they had gone to the park to confront an ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend and had mistakenly identified the victim as the new suitor.

The 19 year old who allegedly threw a punch was placed in jail for battery and disorderly conduct. The rest of the group, Two 19 years olds and one 18 year old, all from West Bend, were placed in jail for disorderly conduct.


1627, 21 September 2015


  1. insagtman

    Sweet, I love a crime story with a happy ending. Just the threat of concealed carry was enough to convince the bad guys to go somewhere else to get their jollies.

  2. Fairs Fare

    Concealed carrier should be applauded for his restraint. He didn’t have to shoot someone 15 times. The threat of the gun was enough. Someone should put up a billboard in his honor.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    Agree with that.

    However, if the concealed carrier did act after being assaulted by these criminals, I’d have no problem with the result either.

  4. T of B

    Washington County Insider posted on this CCW incident too.

    PDO/Endangering safety 9/18/15 at 18:19
    There was a road rage incident which resulted in a property-damage only accident on I41 northbound near Mohawk Road in the Town of Wayne.
    There was contact between the two vehicles and one spun out and hit a guard rail.
    A verbal exchange occurred between the drivers, a 53-year-old man from Palatine, Illinois and a 33 year-old Waupun man.
    The Waupun man thinks the other driver (who was pushed into the guard rail) is going to leave and pulls his gun (ccw holder) and points it at him.
    Statements were taken from witnesses. The Waupun man was arrested for endangering safety by use of a dangerous weapon and transported to jail.

  5. Mark Maley

    I thought gun safety classes eliminated this type of behavior

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