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2344, 14 Sep 15

Computers In Classroom Don’t Improve Results

This is something that many of us have been saying for years.

The report from the OECD examines the impact of school technology on international test results, such as the Pisa tests taken in more than 70 countries and tests measuring digital skills.

It says that education systems which have invested heavily in information and communications technology have seen “no noticeable improvement” in Pisa test results for reading, mathematics or science.

“If you look at the best-performing education systems, such as those in East Asia, they’ve been very cautious about using technology in their classrooms,” said Mr Schleicher.

“Those students who use tablets and computers very often tend to do worse than those who use them moderately.”

That being said, I support having more technology in classrooms. It better prepares kids for the modern workforce. But technology, in an of itself, is not a substitute for education. It is merely a tool that is only as good or bad as the people using it. I suspect that the worse performance with technology is temporary because it is a distraction and will level out once the technology is fully embedded into the delivery of education.


2344, 14 September 2015


  1. scott

    Agree with Owen.

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