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0620, 02 Sep 15

Kennedy Admits Bias in GAB

Well, he’s not trying to admit bias, but he does.

Kennedy, the accountability board’s director, said he appreciated that Falk was blunt but added he had talked to him about his tone when he worked for the agency. Falk last year left the accountability board, which runs elections and oversees campaign finance, lobbying and ethics laws.

“I’ve had numerous conversations when he was employed with me about toning it down,” Kennedy said. “And it’s ironic — Shane was also one of the ones who would say, ‘Be careful what you say.’ And he would give me the same cautions, and other staff. ‘Don’t put that view down,’ and yet he was victim to that. I’m not going to throw Shane under the bus, other than to say I dealt with those issues as they came up from a personnel standpoint, as to whether that was the best way to handle things.”

Falk’s emails do not show the accountability board is biased, Kennedy said. Falk didn’t decide what to investigate; the six former judges on the board did, Kennedy said.

If the GAB director and staff were not biased and behaving as such, why would they need to warn each other to “be careful what you say?” And from Kennedy’s comments, it sounds like it was a relatively common occurrence for staffers to warn each other to not “put that view down.” What views were they putting down? Conservative views. Why? Because they are liberal activists.

Let us be done with the GAB and find a better way to accomplish their statutory mandates.


0620, 02 September 2015


  1. Fairs Fare

    If it was run by conservative activists would you have a problem with it?

  2. dad29

    not “put that view down.”

    We disagree (mildly) over your interpretation of that phrase.

    I suggest that ‘don’t put that down’ means that employee X should not commit to paper or pixels their real intention (un-seating Walker and/or persecuting his supporters).

    THAT would be a tell, as they say.

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