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2337, 02 Sep 15

Dems Fight Over Minimum Jail Time for Crimes

This is kind of fun to watch.

Two Milwaukee Dems went nose-to-nose in a Senate committee hearing for a bill that would set mandatory minimum prison sentences for some instances of firearm possession.

Dems Rep. LaTonya Johnson and Sen. Lena Taylor agreed Tuesday their districts in Milwaukee are suffering from gun violence. But they strongly disagreed over how to fight the problem.

Johnson testified before the Senate’s Judiciary and Public Safety Committee on behalf of AB 220, which she is co-authoring. The bill establishes the mandatory minimum sentences for people who were convicted of certain violent felonies and then violated prohibitions on firearm possession.

Those people face a minimum of three years in prison if they violate the prohibition and another five years if they are caught in possession while committing a violent crime.


2337, 02 September 2015


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