Fiorina Likely to Participate in CNN Debate


The organizers of the next Republican presidential debate have announced changes to debate criteria that mean former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina will almost certainly join the rest of the top-tier candidates on the main stage at the Reagan Library on Sept. 16.

“CNN reevaluated its criteria and decided to add a provision that better reflects the state of the race since the first Republican presidential debate in August,” the network announced. “Now, any candidate who ranks in the top 10 in polling between August 6 and September 10 will be included.”

The CNN move is being greeted as a positive development, and not only for the most obvious reason, which is that a woman will be in the mix, in contrast to the 10-man tableau that a huge national television audience saw at the first debate on Aug. 6 in Cleveland.

Don’t you love the editorializing that the most “obvious reason” this is good news is that she’s a woman? The Washington Post has internalized the “War on Women” meme that Hillary Clinton plans to use in the general election. For me, the most “obvious reason” this is a good thing is that she is a smart businesswoman who articulates a conservative vision for our nation.