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2211, 18 Aug 15

Youxia Ranger X

Huh. Gotta love Chinese “innovation.”

In late July, Huang Xiuyuan, the 28-year-old CEO of Chinese startup carmaker Youxia Motors, unveiled the design for a high-performance electric sedan. Called Ranger X, the car is attractive, nicely proportioned, sporty looking. It will be instantly familiar to anyone who has seen a Tesla Model S – but we’re no longer surprised by Chinese carmakers paying legally questionable homage to successful Western models.

The car is weird, but its story is weirder.

First, its most useless innovation: The Ranger X has a holographic display in place of a front grille. Yes, a holographic display. It can show Youxia’s name and ‘Y’ emblem (which looks suspiciously like Tesla’s ‘T’ emblem), or a snippet of driver-inputted text, or emoji, or that red Pong display from the front of Knight Rider’s KITT.


2211, 18 August 2015


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