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1556, 10 Aug 15

Yellow River


A toxic leak of wastewater that has turned a Colorado river mustard yellow is three times larger than US officials had originally estimated.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) now says that three million gallons of wastewater spilled from an abandoned mine last week.

The EPA does not believe wildlife is in significant danger because the sludge moved so quickly downstream.

Local authorities took steps to protect drinking water supplies and farms.

The spill began on 5 August when EPA workers, who were cleaning up the closed Gold King Mine, accidentally sent the toxic water flowing into a tributary of the Animas River.



I would point out that if a private individual or business did this, the EPA would be hammering them with massive fines and they would be sued for damages for decades. But since the EPA did this, it will just be a “whoops.”



1556, 10 August 2015

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    You are right Owen!

    If private business did this, Hillary would have them beaten, flogged, and bankrupted by the liberal media and then she would rinse and repeat. Bernie Sanders would burn them at the stake.

    …but crickets from the left on this government disaster.

    The U.S. government is the biggest environmental polluter, period.

    The left does not really care about the environment, they only care about control of others. If they did, the left would be screaming about this.

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