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1202, 19 Jun 15

Overdoses Now Leading Cause of Injury in Wisconsin

I suspect that part of this is also that vehicles have gotten so much safer that injuries from automobile crashes are down, but it’s also because overdoses are up.

Shamane Mills

Wisconsin Public Radio

Drug overdoses have become the leading cause of injury in 36 states, including Wisconsin, according to a national report.

The Trust for America’s Health has issued the report that drug overdoses have now surpassed motor vehicle-related deaths in most states.

Jeffrey Levi, the group’s executive director, said that drug abuse can have a cascading effect on people’s health.

“The overdose problem is not just related to prescription drugs, but where it leads, which is use of heroin and other injectable drugs, which then results in not just the threat of overdose deaths, but also outbreaks of Hepatitis C and HIV,” said Levi


1202, 19 June 2015


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