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1223, 19 Jun 15

Green Bay to Ban Drones at Public Events

This makes sense to me. At the very least, it should require a permit to make sure people know to whom the drone belongs in the event of an accident.

Green Bay could become the first city in Wisconsin to ban aerial drones at public events under a proposed ordinance that users of the small unmanned aircraft call unnecessary and overreaching.

The measure being drafted by the city attorney’s office would prohibit anyone from flying a drone over large public events such as farmers markets, concerts or holiday celebrations.

The ban was requested by the Green Bay Police Department in order to protect people in the event of an accident, said Captain Jeremy Muraski.


1223, 19 June 2015


  1. Jadedly Unbiased

    You have to have a permit to operate a drone but not a gun. I feel safer already. Such bullshit.

  2. Duke

    You don’t need a permit to operate the type of drones mentioned in the Bill of Rights.

  3. Jadedly Unbiased

    You should.

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