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1034, 24 May 15

A Beautiful Mind Lost


(CNN)John Forbes Nash Jr., the famed mathematician and inspiration for the film “A Beautiful Mind,” and his wife died in a car crash Saturday in New Jersey, according to state police.

Nash, 86, and wife Alicia Nash, 82, were riding in a taxi near Monroe Township when the incident occurred, State Police Sgt. 1st Class Gregory Williams said.

They were traveling southbound in the left lane when the taxi went out of control while trying to pass another car, Williams said.

The car crashed into the guard rail, and the couple was ejected from the vehicle. They were pronounced dead at the scene.


1034, 24 May 2015

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  1. SteveAustin

    Owen, you may want to include the excerpt about them not wearing seatbelts as the reason they were thrown from the car.

    I say this not to make light of a tragedy but to wonder why many people (myself included) don’t always wear seatbelts when riding in a taxi cab. Granted in many cabs, locating the belts can be a chore, but for some reason there is this macho code that you don’t belt in when riding in a taxi.

    Given the bad driving habits of most cab drivers, the idea of not belting in seems almost absurd yet for some reason, few do it.

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