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0709, 14 May 15

Giant Nut

News you can use.

(Green Bay Press Gazette) –Terry Albrecht has plenty of nuts (and bolts) already, but he’ll park the biggest nut in the world outside his business next week.

Packer Fastener will mount a 3.5-ton, 10-foot tall hex nut fabricated by Robinson Metals Inc. in front of its new headquarters on the northeast corner of South Ashland Avenue and Lombardi Avenue. Albrecht said it will give Green Bay claim to the world’s largest hex nut.

“(The Guinness Book of World Records) confirmed there’s currently not a category for the world’s largest nut,” Albrecht said. “But they’re willing to open one up for us. It is indeed the world’s largest, but we don’t have the official Guinness stamp yet.”



0709, 14 May 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Is there a corresponding bolt?

    That would be just as cool.

  2. west bend observer

    I thought Kewauskum was home to the largest nut!

  3. Pat

  4. Kevin scheunemann

    WB, Pat,

    When did Graeme Zielinski move to Kewaskum?

    Any tourism value?

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