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1726, 03 May 15

Revenge on the Dead

What a sicko.

Fox 23 News reports that Tulsa woman Shaynna Smith has been arrested for illegal dissection of a human body. Police were called to Moore Funeral Home Eastlawn location after family members reported that Shaynna had cut the deceased woman’s hair and face, and smudged her makeup, during the open viewing. The report indicates that the deceased woman had previously dated Shaynna’s current boyfriend and that the two were “frenemies.”

The deceased woman’s mother says that during the funeral viewing she looked over and saw Shaynna Smith with her hands in her daughter’s casket. She immediately walked towards the casket and Shaynna removed her hands and left. As Shaynna left the funeral home, the mother noticed her daughter’s face had been cut, along with her hair, and that her makeup was smudged.


1726, 03 May 2015


  1. Kevin scheunemann

    She will probably be rewarded with a guest appearance on one of the Real Housewives of “claw each other’s eyes out over stupid issues” shows.

  2. Dan

    Well, obviously not the first time this happened, otherwise why would they have this law the books: Illegal dissection of a human body.

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