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1532, 27 Apr 15

Baltimore Getting Violent

And when a cop shoots one of these people attacking them, they will be accused of racism.

(CNN)Several officers were injured Monday as police and protesters, upset over the recent death of Freddie Gray, clashed on the streets of Baltimore.

The severity of their injuries was not immediately clear, nor was it clear how many officers were hurt.

Video showed police in riot gear taking cover behind an armored vehicle, as protesters pelted them with rocks.

Earlier in the day, the Baltimore Police Department said it had received a “credible threat” that gangs were teaming up to “take out” officers.


1532, 27 April 2015


  1. Jadedly Unbiased

    Apparently, you assume the protestor that may attack will be black. “When a cop shots one of THESE people” maybe the cop will be latino or black.

  2. Jadedly Unbiased

    Baltimore Police Memo:
    Hold your fire.
    Place your knee firmly behind neck
    Press until you feel it snap
    Do not call rescue
    Drag to police van
    Do not fasten seat belt

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    What disturbs me about this story is we have teams of evil, the street gangs, who normally steal and kill each other (…but black lives don’t seem to matter when its black on black crime), are now unified to kill or hurt police officers. Most of the time its seen by many as an opportunity to loot, like Ferguson.

    So when the criminals team up against law and order, then black lives “matter”.

  4. Jadedly Unbiased

    Cover face
    Throw stones
    Ask for relief money

  5. Mark Maley

    Cops keep accidentally killing black kids .

    If they were accidentally killing white fast food franchisee’s or white IT guys, I suspect your attitudes would be different in some way .

  6. Kevin scheunemann


    Criminals kill black kids in much bigger number. Since you support stripping Jesus out of schools, who is going to stop that mass killing of black kids, other than police?

    ….or do black lives only matter when it’s an opportunity to loot and riot?

  7. Kevin scheunemann


    Can’t speak for IT guys, but franchisees I know are much too busy trying to comply with government regulation to be engaged in behavior that draws the need for them to be taken into custody.

    If you are implying being black is being “guilty until proven innocent”, welcome to the world of liberal regulation where business owners are “guilty until proven innocent” on slightest slip up or lateness to the liberal regulation machine.

    Liberal over regulation has helped breed disrespect for rule of law.


    Kevin: Just curious…How many black, hispanic, or asian people do you employ in your Dairy Queen?

  9. Kevin Scheunemann

    Over the years, quite a few.

    However, I don’t ask race on the application. Just based on observation.

    My oldest daughter has a best friend who is “hispanic” at our church.

    …not that I really care about the insentive liberal group sorting labels to begin with.

    I look at people on content of character and actions, not on skin color.

  10. Mark Maley

    Video cancels out all the blather about liberal this and liberal that .

    2 video”s that show a black man killed point blank by police and a second showing an injured innocent man being given no care .

    In the words of Richard Pryor on being caught by his wife with another woman
    ” you can believe me or your own lyin eyes”

  11. Kevin Scheunemann


    Assuming your version of facts is true. (which still does not justify rioting and looting) Isn’t the Mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings Blake, black? Isn’t the entire government structure of Baltimore super liberal like Milwaukee?

    These government liberals would have swept that video, and actions of police under the rug? Even with a black woman in charge, there would have been no justice for these acts?

    I’m all for throwing these police officers “under the bus” for their evil acts here, but the criminal activity that ensued is unacceptable.

    I really did enjoy the video of the mom, berating her son on the street, and giving him a slight whack on the side of his head for being part of the looting and not being in school. That is a great parent. actively keeping their kids from doing evil.

    She should be celebrated in all this nonsense of people, and police, behaving badly.

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