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1103, 27 Apr 15

Marquette Urges Public Financing of Bucks Arena


Marquette University leaders, who have said the university will not contribute construction funds to a new arena in downtown Milwaukee, are urging the university’s basketball fans to write state legislators, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrettand Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele about “public financing assistance” for the project.

Marquette President Mike Lovell and athletic director Bill Scholl sent the letter dated Friday.

“When it comes to building a new arena in downtown Milwaukee, the position of our university is clear: The new arena is critical to the growth of Milwaukee as a first-class city that will attract and retain the bright young minds who will lead us into the future,” the letter states. “Marquette University has a valued strategic partnership with the Milwaukee Bucks and we remain committed to being their top tenant in the new arena.”

Of course it’s easy to advocate for other people to spend their money on stuff you want.


1103, 27 April 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Radical liberal Mike Lovell lost all credibility with me after what he did to Prof. McAdams.

    I’m going to avoid watching Marquette basketball as long as he is in charge of driving this university into the ground.

  2. steveegg

    I guess the Care Bears consider their funding of the PR effort in the local paint-catcher to be a sufficient contribution.

    I’ll give the second word of the two-word response to their refusal to do more – “them”.

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