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2040, 12 Apr 15

Officer Accidentially Kills Suspect

What a horrible accident. But even though the shooting itself appears to be an accident, the response from the officers after they knew that the suspect was shot was utterly unacceptable.

While the deputy is subduing Harris on the ground, a gunshot rings out and a man says, “Oh, I shot him. I’m sorry.”

Authorities have identified the shooter as 73-year-old reserve deputy Robert Bates and said that he meant to use his stun gun.

Harris screams, “He shot me. Oh, my God,” and a deputy replies: “You f—ing ran. Shut the f— up.”

Harris then says he’s losing his breath. A deputy replies, “F— your breath.”

Harris was treated by medics at the scene and eventually died in a Tulsa hospital.


2040, 12 April 2015


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