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0713, 03 Mar 15

Hillary Broke Law With Private Email Address

C’mon… that’s just basic accountability.

Washington (CNN)Hillary Clinton did not have a State Department email account while she served as America’s top diplomat, a senior state department official said Monday, and instead used a personal email account during her four years on the job.

Using personal email as a sole method of communication appears to break rules outlined by the National Archives and Records Administration. The government agency stipulates that personal email can only be used in “emergency situations,” and when used, the emails “are captured and managed in accordance with agency record-keeping practices.”

There’s only one reason that Clinton would have used a private email account instead of a government one… she intended to obscure her activities from scrutiny. Why would she want to keep her activities secret? Logic would dictate (an homage to Spock) that she intended to engage in unethical and/or illegal behavior.

What is more telling is that nobody said anything. Government officials, cabinet members, possibly foreign dignitaries, and even possibly the president himself were receiving emails from Clinton from a gmail account or something and never raised a stink about it. It makes you wonder how many other Obama officials are hiding their correspondence.


0713, 03 March 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I’m yawning over lack of liberal outrage on the level of the John Chisolm John Doe witch hunt against Walker.

    This is already worse than anything uncovered in John Doe…yet a yawn from liberal sphere. Hillary is hiding illegal activity. where are the pre-dawn raids of her and everyone associated with her?

    we all want the same, corrupt…I mean vigorous scrutiny…, Democratic Party standard on this, don’t we?

  2. Northern Pike

    A parallel email address at the Milwaukee County Executive office didn’t derail Scott Walker’s political career.

    I don’t like the way either Clinton or Walker handled their email issues. But, for better or worse, when it comes to conducting public business on a private email account, the public’s reaction is a big yawn. They don’t connect it to their daily lives.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    The difference here is: Walker is a good guy.

    Hillary is notorious for being caught up in questionable dealings from Whitewater, to her no lose futures trading, taking funding from foreign governments, her handling of Bengazi, and we still don’t know what she knew and when she knew it with the alleged Vince Foster suicide.

    If anyone deserves intense, vigorous, criminal investigation, it’s Hillary, not Walker.

  4. Hello

    I think Governor Walker has done an outstanding job as County Executive and especially as Governor. You’re wrong Kevin, every elected and appointed official with any kind of authority should be scrutinized. If there is something wrong it should be made right. The problem is that the scrutization of Governor Walker was clearly a witch hunt.

  5. Terry

    Wake up! Politicians work for us, not the other way around. But we’re headed straight for the other way around…

  6. Northern Pike

    “The difference here is: Walker is a good guy.”

    Which, Kevin, is your way of saying, “I agree with you, Northern Pike, that the election will be decided on something other than management of public email accounts.”

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    I’m hoping the election is decided on Hillary’s lack of basic honesty, ethics, and just being a person of very questionable decision making…of which, this email dishonesty plays into the equation.

  8. Jason

    Pike, the other difference is that someone in Walker’s office did some amount of subversion to send some amount of email for non-official purposes. Hillary ran her entire official duties through some unknown mail server sitting some where unknown. That’s a gaping chasm of difference that I expect you won’t even acknowledge.

  9. Northern Pike

    I already said I don’t like how either Walker or Clinton handled their emails. I just don’t think it will affect the election.

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