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1734, 13 Feb 15

Justice Ginsburg Participates in SOTU Drinking Game

Well, not really, but this is funny.

Finally they got to the State of the Union. Earlier in the evening, Scalia had expressed his disdain for the event that he stopped attending years ago. And Ginsburg admitted, that once again, she fell asleep, “as I often do.”

“The audience for the most part is awake because they are bobbing up and down and we sit there, stone faced,” she said. “But we’re not, at least I was not 100% sober,” she said to big applause. She blamed a fine wine Justice Kennedy had brought to dinner before hand.

One of the advantages to being appointed for life is that you can say whatever you want.


1734, 13 February 2015

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  1. Dave

    Another way of looking at it is one of the few times a politician can afford to be honest.

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