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0925, 14 Feb 15

Amending Doe Process

This doesn’t go far enough.

Under the bill, so-called John Doe probes could be used to investigate mostly serious physical and drug crimes but couldn’t be used to probe allegations of campaign finance violations or campaigning on government time. Investigations would be limited to six months, although prosecutors could get a six-month extension if a majority of the state’s chief judges agree. Secrecy orders would apply only to judges, prosecutors, court officials and investigators. Witnesses and the investigations’ targets would be allowed to speak publicly.

The bill’s chief Assembly sponsor, Rep. David Craig, R-Big Bend, said the changes would protect free speech rights and prevent meandering investigations. He stressed that prosecutors could still opt for the little-used grand jury process to investigate other crimes secretly.

Just scrap the John Doe process completely. 49 other states manage to prosecute crimes without it with the normal criminal justice process. Just get rid of it.



0925, 14 February 2015


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