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2045, 03 Feb 15

Woman Kicked out of Beaver Dam McDonald’s for Kangaroo

Um… OK.

BEAVER DAM (AP) — A Beaver Dam police officer says he’s quite certain he’s never responded to a call like the one he handled recently at a McDonald’s restaurant.

Officer Rich Dahl responded to an anonymous complaint about a woman who brought a kangaroo into McDonald’s. Dahl said Tuesday the woman had the baby kangaroo wrapped in a blanket and tucked in an infant car seat.

Dahl says when he confronted the woman she explained the kangaroo was a service animal to help her cope with emotional distress and she produced a letter from a doctor.

The officer says the woman was upset at first, but then agreed to leave the restaurant. Dahl says he doesn’t know if a kangaroo would qualify as a service animal under the law, but he says he’s glad he didn’t have to find out.

Might I suggest that a woman suffering from such severe emotional distress should not be charged with caring for a baby animal?


2045, 03 February 2015

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  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    A line has to be drawn on service animals in a restaurant for health and safety.

    Do you allow a “comfort pig” in a restaurant? (There was a story where airline refused “comfort pig” on plane a few weeks ago.)

    Health department might have something, not so nice, to say about that.

    What ends up happening is you have these crazy liberal government agencies telling business owners conflicting regulatory nonsense.

    Some Federal government agency will declare it service animal, but local health departments might label it a health hazzard.

    This is what liberal nonsense, in full practice, has brought us to.

    Kangaroos are also dangerous, at some point of maturity, in a public setting.

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