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1119, 15 Jan 15

Tate Out

Dang it!

State Dem Chair Mike Tate told supporters this morning he won’t seek re-election at this June’s state convention.

“This is not a job you do for a career, but one you have the honor of holding for a short period of time where you try with all your might to do everything you can to grow the Party and help elect Democrats,” Tate wrote in an email obtained by


1119, 15 January 2015


  1. steveegg

    Are they going to clone Schilling, because she’s their bench?

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    I wanted Democrats to keep Mike Tate’s failed leadership.

    It’s like wanting the Bears to keep Jay Cutler as quarterback..

  3. Nashotah Conservative

    While this (Tate leaving) will be potentially bad electorally for Republicans, I think this is a good thing for the State. Under Tate’s leadership, the Democrat party has had absolutely no ideas. Maybe a new chair will offer something. Anything. If the new chair has the platform of “Walker sucks”, then the democrat party will continue to see the republicans strengthen their majorities. If they cooperate with Republicans and find some bipartisan ways to help the state “on the fringes” of republican bills, maybe voters will reward them at the polls

    Don’t like Act 10? What’s your alternative Dems?
    Don’t like making some tough budget cuts? What’s your alternative, higher taxes?

    The Governor the legislature have made some mistakes the past four years, but I give them credit for trying to find ways to improve our state. If Democrats would focus on finding new ideas to help people instead of the same old ” tax tax tax, give handout handouts handouts “, I’d actually consider voting for some of them.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think there are any fiscally conservative democrats left in the Wisconsin Legislature

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