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0708, 15 Jan 15


Bo Morrison’s Mom Sues

We knew this was coming.

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A Wisconsin woman is suing the homeowner who fatally shot her son as he tried hiding from police in the man’s porch nearly three years ago.

Twenty-year-old Bo Morrison of West Bend was killed in March 2012 as he reportedly fled from an underage drinking party in Slinger. The Washington County district attorney determined that homeowner Adam Kind acted in self-defense when he encountered Morrison in the darkened room and killed him with a single gunshot.

Ultimately, the facts of the case haven’t changed. While tragic, Bo Morrison’s death was a result of his own illegal behavior and the homeowner’s justified response to it. This is a good reminder that even when fully justified, using deadly force is a life-changing decision psychologically, financially, and legally. My guess is that the insurance company settles.


0708, 15 January 2015


1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Why should a bail jumper, who broke into a home in the middle of the night in an effort to hide from police, to hide his from his outstanding arrest warrants, with a history of mutiple prior crimnal charges, get anything?

    I hope ins. company rejects this absurd claim.

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