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Abele Hires Tate


Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele appears to be getting serious about his political future.

Abele recently hired ex-Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate as a political consultant. Tate is working for Abele’s campaign for six weeks, a contract that runs through the end of this month.

Tate said Friday that he is providing campaign advice in advance of Abele’s 2016 re-election campaign. Tate added that the two have been good friends for a while and that he respects the job Abele is doing in Milwaukee County.

Of all of the Democrats in Wisconsin, Abele is the strongest one with a viable chance of winning the governorship in 2018 if he decides to run (he’s widely believed to be positioning himself for just that). The fact that he is hiring people with such a deplorable record in getting Democrats elected bodes well for Republicans. May he please take every bit of Tate’s advice…

Tate Out

Dang it!

State Dem Chair Mike Tate told supporters this morning he won’t seek re-election at this June’s state convention.

“This is not a job you do for a career, but one you have the honor of holding for a short period of time where you try with all your might to do everything you can to grow the Party and help elect Democrats,” Tate wrote in an email obtained by



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