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0726, 12 Jan 15

Boko Haram Still Slaughtering People in the Name of Allah

Perhaps Michelle Obama needs to promote another hashtag. Seriously, though, given the amount of violence and barbarity taking place in the name of Islam, will we begin to correctly identify and attack the greatest cancer of modern civilization?

By the time the weapons went quiet, local officials reported death tolls ranging from hundreds to as many as 2,000 people.

That was January 3, nine days ago.

On Monday, bodies still littered the bushes in the area.

“It is still not safe to go and pick them up for burial,” said Musa Bukar, the chairman of the local government where Baga is located.

No emergency crews will enter the villages where militants are still running amok, local authorities said.

“Baga is not accessible because it is still occupied by Boko Haram,” said Sen. Maina Ma’aji Lawan of northern Borno state.


0726, 12 January 2015


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Islam is a religion of war, not of peace.

  2. scott

    I doubt very much whether the canonical faith documents of Islam are any bloodthirstier than those of the other Abrahamic religions. The fact that so many Muslim-majority cultures are so barbaric and backward cannot be blamed on that. Don’t forget that places like Iraq were once the light of the world, models of openness and scientific inquiry. The people who lived there then were every bit as Muslim as those who live there today. No, it’s an unfortunate accident of history that modern Muslim culture is what it is today. If we take the problem seriously, we should be a little more inquisitive about the real causes instead of pointing at their religion because it’s the most obvious difference.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    “….any bloodthirstier than those of the other Abrahamic religions.”

    Such as?

  4. scott

    That would be Judaism and Christianity, Kevin. Go read the Hebrew Bible. Make popcorn and be prepared for decidedly NC-17 entertainment.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    That is where you are wrong about Christianity.

    Any true Christian, that studies the Bible, understands that Old Testament ceremonial law and traditions have been replaced by Christ and New Testament covenants. Most non-Christians fail to understand this basic point. (I assume you aren’t Christian, because true Christians SHOULD understnad this.)

    There is absolutely nothing in the New Testament, which is the basis for Christianity that calls for mandatory violence against one’s fellow man for violating God’s law. (If Old testament tradition/covenants are practiced, that, generally makes you part of Judiasm). Grace and forgiveness is the central message of the New Testament.

    Please point out anything in the New Testament, and I’ll let you quote any book in New Testament NIV, that equals the bloodthirsty violence called for in the Koran against your neighbor.

    The New Testament is the complete opposite of the Koran on that point.

    I’ll gladly accept your apology for equating Christains with violent Islam.

  6. scott

    It’s great that western civilization has learned to moderate and/or ignore the bloodthirstier parts of their scriptures. (Your argument that the OT is superseded by the NT is but one example.) My point is that the Muslim world could do exactly the same thing–and have done in some parts of the world. It isn’t required to convert them in order to bring them into the 21st century. In fact I think it would be going around the block to get next door. Let’s address the issue head on: it’s the lack of modernity, not Jesus, that is making them so backward.

    On a personal note, I double majored in psychology and religious studies as an undergrad, only abandoning the major with one senior project left so I could graduate earlier. So I have a bit of exposure to the documents of all the major world religions. None of which makes me right per se, but I’m not just whistling Dixie, either.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann

    If the Old Testament ceremonial law/covenants/traditions are not “superceded” by the New Testament covenants that Christ established, you are NOT Christian. (because you reject what Christ teaches.) For someone that claims to study scripture of major world religions, you really missed the mark here when it comes to comprehending the essence of the New Testament.

    So if your argument to equate Christians on same level as violent Islam rests on completely ignoring what the New Testament says, your argument fails.

    I’ll still, humbly, accept your apology.

  8. scott

    You haven’t addressed my point about the Muslim world once being the most enlightened and open culture on earth. Were they less Muslim than present day Muslims?

  9. Kevin Scheunemann

    “You haven’t addressed my point about the Muslim world once being the most enlightened and open culture on earth.”

    Remind me when that happened?

    Of course, we would have to agree on what “enlightened” means.

    I would consider “enlightened” to mean having a great relationship with Jesus.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann

    We still have not come to resolution as to what “enlightened” means.

    If one is concerned about the eternal, then false prophets, rejecting Jesus, like that of Islam, means the entire religion is unelightened. Worldly achievements, even those you point out in your wikipedia link are meaningless.

    I’ve told you in my previous post what I consider “enlightened”.

    So do you judge “enlightenment” by world standards and achievements, which you appear to do, or by a higher spitritual standard? (A spiritual standard I would hope include Jesus.)

    Even your average Muslim would consider “enlightenment” to be judged by the spiritual, not by worldly standards/achievements.

    So when you say Muslims were at one time the most “enlightened” on earth…you were meaning the spiritual standard, correct?

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