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1858, 06 Jan 15

Vos Going After Spending

I like the sound of this.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald say it is unlikely their caucuses would support hiking the gas tax and raised doubts significant income or property tax cuts will be forthcoming in the next budget.

Vos said Walker’s first budget got the state’s fiscal house in order, the second cut taxes and now the third can reduce the size of government.

“Now I think we take the next session to downsize government, to figure out what we actually need to pay for, pay for it and then come back two years from now and have another opportunity to reduce taxes because we’ve right-sized government to a place we can afford,” said Vos, a former Joint Finance co-chair.

Unless Wisconsin takes on more debt, we can’t sustain tax cuts without reducing spending accordingly. I like where Vos is headed. Now let’s see what, specifically, will be reduced.


1858, 06 January 2015


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