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2039, 07 Jan 15

Arrest at Inaugural Ball

Sheesh. What a tool.

MADISON, Wis. — A 45-year-old Madison man is facing criminal charges after police say he caused a fight on the dance floor of Gov. Scott Walker’s inaugural ball celebrating his second term in office.

The man was arrested at the Monday night event at Monona Terrace on preliminary charges of battery and fourth-degree sexual assault. Police say he inappropriately touched a 44-year-old Onalaska woman and head-butted a 55-year-old Onalaska man who intervened to stop him.

I saw in another report that he claimed that he was dirty dancing. What rubbish. I’ve been to plenty of GOP events and never once has the thought of dirty dancing ever seemed remotely appropriate. On the bright side, it sounds like there are plenty of witnesses who will put this goon behind bars.


2039, 07 January 2015


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