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1706, 12 Dec 14

Insight Into the Dysfunctional GAB

As everyone knew, the GAB is a rogue and dysfunctional agency that pours resources into things like the unconstitutional John Doe investigations while failing to complete its routine and legally mandated functions.

The Legislative Audit Bureau’s report, released Friday, finds the GAB, the state’s regulator of campaign finance and election laws, has failed to fulfill its statutorily required duties in a timely manner, and staff members did not “consistently follow a GAB-approved penalty schedule for enforcing campaign finance, lobbying, and code of ethics laws.”

“The audit, unfortunately, was not surprising,” said Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, in a statement. “We know that the GAB routinely doesn’t follow the law and there’s no accountability whatsoever.  The audit is another illustration of why we must change the GAB.”


The GAB and the Legislature have not kept up with U.S. Supreme Court decisions broadening First Amendment rights through campaign contributions, hence the controversies surrounding the John Doe investigation.


1706, 12 December 2014


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