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2153, 11 Dec 14

Omnibus Spending Bill Passes House

The ridiculous spending bill in which the Republican leadership caved on almost every principle despite being elected to an overwhelming majority just a few weeks ago has passed the House.

I’m happy to see that my representative, Jim Sensenbrenner, voted against this bill – as did Moore and Pocan. The rest of the Wisconsin House members, including Ryan, Ribble, and Duffy, voted for it. Thanks for nothing, guys.


2153, 11 December 2014

1 Comment

  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I’m confident Grothman would have voted against.

    Ryan, Ribble, Duffy are forever RINO’s in my book now.

    Something where Gwen Moore and Pocan get it right, but the alleged Republicans in this state get it so wrong.

    Good Job Jim Sensenbrenner!

    (Not too often one can say that when he votes with Moore and Pocan.)

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