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0659, 05 Nov 14

Post-Election Quick Hits

Much will be written in the coming days about this remarkable election. Overall, it was a wide Republican sweep throughout the country – and in some places that were unexpected. Here are a few quick hits:

  • The voters of Wisconsin reelected Governor Walker and gave the Republicans stronger, and more conservative, majorities in the legislature. The voters are telling the Republicans that they want more conservative legislation and to continue the path that Wisconsin began in 2010. Let’s hope we get it.
  • The Republicans taking the U.S. Senate is very heartening. If nothing else, they should be able to keep a truly radical nominee off the Supreme Court. Now let’s just hope that the Republicans in the senate have the guts to actually move conservative legislation.
  • Illinois will now have a Republican governor. Let that sink in.
  • It was very disappointing that Julian Bradley did not win Secretary of State in Wisconsin. He’s an impressive guy and I hope to see him on the ballot again soon.
  • Brad Schimel won Attorney General comfortably. Susan Happ lost her own county. Her political career may be over. Let’s hope a good Republican runs against her in Jefferson County in the next cycle.
  • Matt Adamczyk will hopefully have the honor of being the last Treasurer of Wisconsin. That will be a trivia question some day.
  • Congratulations to West Bend’s own Glenn Grothman for winning the 6th congressional seat. We’ll miss him in Wisconsin’s legislature. The next challenge will be to replace him in the Wisconsin Senate. Candidates have been rumbling since the primary. I expect it to be an interesting challenge between some good conservatives.
  • Once again, I wholeheartedly throw my support behind Mike Tate to continue to lead the Wisconsin Democratic Party. Sure the Dems lost this time, but he clearly has the vision and the plan for future electoral success for the Democrats.
  • Sandra Fluke, the poster child for the faux war on women, lost.
  • On the national level, these could be some very scary years. President Obama has demonstrated for 6 years that he is terrible at working with Congress. Now he has a completely Republican Congress. I would like to think that he will moderate, but he hasn’t shown a capacity for that. I suspect he will lurch further to the left and try to ram as much as he can through executive action as possible. Let’s hope I’m wrong and he spends the next two years just enjoying the golf courses.

0659, 05 November 2014


  1. Pat

    Why, with congress having an approval rating of 11%, are 96.4% re-elected? If I had a business with an 11% approval I’d have a 96.4% chance of going out of business.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    So who is rumbling for Grothman’s seat?

    We need to avoid getting another Mary Panzer in there.

    Grothman has been an outstanding State Senator. He deserves some of the credit for getting the conservative train moving to where we are in WI today…it all started with him having the courage to take on the sitting Republican majority leader at time and winning big.

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