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2124, 04 Nov 14

Governor Walker Wins Election

Fox News and ABC News have called it for Governor Walker.

Congratulations, Mr. Governor!


As the results finish coming in, it will be interesting to see what the margin will finally be. I predicted that he would add to his margin of victory over the recall election. We’ll see if I’m right.


2124, 04 November 2014


  1. Hello

    This is such a relief. It would have been scary here had he lost. I think the biggest upset has to be what happened in Illinois.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    What a great election.

    Complete repudiantion of big government, high taxes, and anti-job Democrat policies.

    Biggest surprise is what happened for gov. in Maryland!


    Mike Tate is like Jay Cutler, we all hope he continues at the helm for the losing team.

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