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1742, 29 Oct 14

First White President in Sub-Saharan Africa Since Apartheid


(CNN) — When Guy Scott takes the reins as Zambia’s interim President, he’ll become the first white African head of state in sub-Saharan Africa since apartheid.

Scott became vice president three years ago.

His boss, President Michael Sata, died Tuesday while undergoing treatment for an unknown illness in London.

Zambia’s constitution requires fresh elections within 90 days.

Until then, Scott, who is of Scottish descent, assumes interim presidency.

It’s unclear, however, whether he can run for president in the elections. The nation’s constitution says a candidate’s parents must have been born in Zambia; his were not.

I love how the last paragraph says it is “unclear” if he can run for president. He clearly does not meet the parameters set forth in the constitution. What is unclear about that?


1742, 29 October 2014


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