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1533, 29 Oct 14

Burke Misstated Fundraising Numbers

Uh huh.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke has raised about $900,000 less over the past three months than her campaign originally said.

Burke’s campaign on Monday issued a press release saying she had raised about $10.2 million in the roughly three month period that ended Oct. 20. But in her official filing with state elections officials, made later Monday night, Burke reported raising about $9.3 million.

Burke spokesman Joe Zepecki says the $10.2 million figure referred to how much the campaign had raised to date, not counting $5 million that Burke herself contributed.

The stories were obviously about the most recent filing. If Zepecki is telling the truth, then this episode is a case of incompetence. More likely, he is not telling the truth and the campaign just wanted to be able to claim that they raised as much as Walker to cover for their abysmal fundraising.



1533, 29 October 2014


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