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0841, 25 Oct 14

West Bend School Taxes Going Down

This is good to see.

School District Superintendent Ted Neitzke said the tax levy and mill rate will be finalized by the School Board at its meeting Monday night.

“The mill rate will be going down by 54 cents per thousand of assessed value,” Neitzke said. “When there is a reduction in taxes it’s a victory for everybody.”

According to the district’s Director of Finance and Support Services Brittany Altendorf the 2014-15 tax levy for the school district will be $36.6 million. That figure is $1.6 million, or 4.21 percent less than the previous year.


0841, 25 October 2014


  1. Steve Austin

    Again this one goes back to you starting the ball rolling 10 years ago on shining some light on things. Kudos.

  2. Owen

    Thanks, Steve, but a lot of people are working hard to make our government more reasonable. Now the trick is to keep the trend moving in this direction. To bastardize Franklin, we have a tax cut, if you can keep it!

  3. Steve Austin

    Owen–everyone helped and ACT 10 put it over the top. That said, I think if every larger sized school district in the State had a taxpayer focused blogger following the elections, board members and budgets the way you do, we’d have solved a lot of this waste nonsense years ago.

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