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1517, 23 Oct 14

Democrats Seek DA Training Videos

First, consider that Schimel is so well respected in the law enforcement community that he is training other folks on law enforcement strategies. Second, consider that the democrats prioritize potential “gotcha” comments for campaign ads above victim privacy or the integrity of law enforcement training.

Wisconsin Democrats have filed a lawsuit seeking videos of prosecutor training sessions involving Republican attorney general candidate Brad Schimel.

Their lawsuit Tuesday said a state Democratic Party researcher made an open records request with the state Justice Department seeking the videos on Sept. 15. The party said Schimel may have made inappropriate remarks at the presentations.

The agency denied the request on Monday, saying the videos include detailed discussion of cases that could compromise victim privacy and reveal law enforcement strategies. In a statement, Schimel said releasing the videos would expose law enforcement’s playbook and put the public at risk.


1517, 23 October 2014


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