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2106, 30 Sep 14

CraftFund’s Crowdfunding Platform

I’m fascinated to see how this economic and cultural innovation evolves.

Milwaukee, WI — CraftFund LLC has announced that it is piloting its investment crowdfunding platform in Wisconsin, positioning the state as a pioneer in growing national movement to democratize capital investment.

Focused on craft beer, food and place makers, CraftFund is a platform for local companies to showcase products and projects and raise capital by turning passionate local residents into owners and advocates. Decades old securities laws have made it difficult for the general public to invest in local businesses. Wisconsin recently became one of the first states to pass an intrastate crowdfunding law that allows state residents to invest in local companies. Specifically, the law permits Wisconsin businesses to offer and sell securities to Wisconsin residents through online portals registered with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institution.


2106, 30 September 2014


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