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1534, 07 Sep 14

Sex Den Uncovered in Beaver Dam


According to the criminal complaint, a neighbor of the couple sent an anonymous letter to police in January 2013. The letter had several photos attached and said that they noticed unusual activity at the neighbor’s house. They also referred police to a website where photos of their neighbor were posted. According to the criminal complaint, the website included a description of services, including massage, along with coded prices for the services.

Beaver Dam Police Detective Ryan Klavekoske spoke to Debbie Walters on Sept. 26, 2013, and told her about the investigation into prostitution at her home and that they believed she had been having sexual intercourse with two to three men per week in exchange for money. According to the criminal complaint, Debbie Walters told officers that the number “seems right.” She also admitted that she maintained the website.

According to the criminal complaint, Debbie Walters told officers she could not tell them how many men she had sex with over the last year. Klavekoske asked to see a room of mirrors that had been advertised on her website but she told police they would have to obtain a warrant.

Klavekoske and Beaver Dam Police Lieutenant Terrance Gebhardt returned to the home on Sept. 26, 2013, to execute a search warrant. Debbie Walters was questioned again and according to the criminal complaint told officers that about 50 percent of her massages were standard massages. She told them that about 10 percent of her clients over the last month had full sexual intercourse with her, and she last had a client at her house earlier that week.

I post this story for two reasons. First, it’s just an interesting story from little ol’ Beaver Dam. Second, it has a local connection. One of the accused Johns is a popular Kewaskum dentist, Dr. Van Ess.  I hope that this does not lead to anti-dentite protests in Kewaskum.


1534, 07 September 2014


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