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1428, 07 Sep 14

Act 10 Created Teacher Marketplace


“The great irony is that Act 10 has created a marketplace for good teachers,” said Dean Bowles, a Monona Grove School Board member.

Fellow board member Peter Sobol said though the law was billed as providing budget relief for school districts and local government, it could end up being harder on budgets as districts develop compensation models that combine their desire to reward good teachers and the need to keep them.

No, it’s not ironic at all. It is what naturally happens when a market is liberated from the shackles on union bondage. Good and great teachers will thrive under Act 10 while crummy ones will find new careers. It is great for the students.

As for it being more difficult for district managers to adapt to a competitive labor market… good. As with teachers, good administrators with thrive in such an environment. Bad ones with move on. Anyone who has worked in a competitive industry knows how this works.

All Act 10 did was introduce a smidgen of the free market to public schools and it is doing wonders to improve education.


1428, 07 September 2014


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