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1934, 31 Aug 14

Rotherham Revelations

If you are not following the story about Rotherham, you need to be. It is an appalling story.

At least 1,400 children were sexually exploited, mainly by men of Pakistani heritage, between 1997 and 2013.

A care worker, who worked at children’s homes from 2003-2007, told the BBC men would arrive almost “every night” to collect girls, who escaped using a range of methods and were then usually driven off in taxis.

The carer, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed staff were reluctant to intervene in some cases for fear of being classed as “racist”.

“Sometimes, [the men] would phone and they would pick up around the corner, but sometimes they would just turn up and pick up at the children’s home,” the care worker said.

“It depended on how brazen they were or how much heat they thought was on at the time.

Here is a case of a subculture of British society that systematically and cruelly raped and abused at least 1,400 girls over the course of over 15 years. Some people were afraid to report it for fear of being called a racist. When they did report it, the social services and police did nothing for the same reason. Meanwhile, the raping continued. The terrorizing continued. This is in what we pretend to be a civilized nation. Yet everybody stood by watching. Why?

While he says he was never pressured by managers to include or exclude any particular subject matter from his reports, he does agree that among some white councillors there was an undeniable fear and desire to not “upset the apple-cart”.

“In my opinion some white councillors were terrified of mentioning things to do with ethnicity. And I understand where it comes from, political correctness has left its mark on them, but it actually does a disservice to the wider community.”

This is the real war on women.


1934, 31 August 2014


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