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1853, 06 May 24

Hamas Pretends to Accept Ceasefire After Israel Responds to Attacks

Hamas’ actions are so obviously insincere and designed to play to their fellow supporters of geocide that you have to willingly suspend reason to believe them.

JERUSALEM (AP) — Hamas announced its acceptance Monday of an Egyptian-Qatari cease-fire proposal, but Israel said the deal did not meet its “core demands” and that it was pushing ahead with an assault on the southern Gaza city of Rafah. Still, Israel said it would continue negotiations.




Hamas’s abrupt acceptance of the cease-fire deal came hours after Israel ordered an evacuation of some 100,000 Palestinians from eastern neighborhoods of Rafah, signaling an invasion was imminent.

On Sunday, Hamas fighters near the Rafah crossing fired mortars into southern Israel, killing four Israeli soldiers.
Uh huh. Whatever.

1853, 06 May 2024


  1. Merlin

    Chest-thumping on Sunday and crying for mercy on Monday. Historically, this has been a successful modus operandi for Hamas. Not so much anymore.

    The civilian population is lucky the Israelis still knock first. We’re certainly not that polite.

  2. MjM

    A collusion of muslims attempting to delay the IDF’s move into Rafah. Hamas’ “yes” came within hours of the IDF dropping leaflets telling the (also terrorist) citizens to evacuate.

    I simply don’t understand why Israel is allowing Qatar, the welcomed second home of hamas’ richest terrorists, anywhere near the negotiating table.

    btw, that AP/yahoo article is up to it’s byline in BS.

  3. Tuerqas

    It still bugs the hell out of me that so few of the most vocal people (yes, liberals in particular) on this subject in the US know so little about the history of the area. There has never been a Nation/Kingdom called Palestine. The last Nations in the area were Judea and Israel back in the 1st century AD. When the Romans took over and then kicked many of the Jewish people (including most of its leadership almost entirely out of the area), they then renamed it Syria Palestina, thus the REGION was named that. So every Jew that stayed or came back to the area were Palestinians, they were Palestinian Jews. before that they were Roman Palestinian Jews and then Ottoman Palestinian Jews. The State of Israel in 1948 gave the region its first local leaders to the area in almost 2,000 years.
    Just like when the region of Texas became a State, all those people called themselves Texans, but after joining only a small fringe may have said that they were not “Americans” as well. Every “Palestinian” is actually an Israelite as well. In addition to endorsing a manifesto of terrorism committed by a very small group of people, any condoner of Hamas activities is supporting a civil war based on race with a declaration of intent to commit genocide by only one side. Israel has shown itself to be very tolerant to peaceful non-Jewish people in its land. Supporting Hamas is like supporting the Southern slave owners or any coup attempt by a minority willing to kill civilians while the established Government is not.

    Most normal (non-Muslim) people who read an unbiased account of the Hamas activities vs Israeli activities both before and after the cowardly attack that killed or took hostage about 1200 people would be 100% percent against Hamas as terrorists who are perfectly willing to kill its own people both directly and indirectly if they can kill just a few more Jewish people as well. But today the Democratic Party is so focused on trying to get votes they don’t really seem to be looking down the road. They are yelling at their followers with blatantly slanted or false MSM news in the back seat while heading for a multiple car pile-up at 80mph. And the lib kids in the back (unlike any true youth) cheer the news while looking interestedly at the looming crash site without being able to process what it is. They have not been taught critical thinking or cause and effect so they are as surprised as the “adults” in the front seat when their van plows into the mass pile-up killing so many of them. Unfortunately, liberals distrust all sources that are unbiased, much less right wing biased simply because it doesn’t match what they have been told by lib MSM sources. Hopefully this issue, plus the lies on inflation reduction vs, their fungible income might actually help a few thinkers break their programming and see the Dem for what it is, a strictly self-interested Party engaged in a mass money and power grab. So many issues can be made to make sense to either side by lies and omissions in reports on the issue. This one, not so much. It is holding for now, but Dems are really testing the programming here and I cannot see almost any independent faction voting for Biden right now. Even the most anti-Trump Republicans may have difficulty voting for Biden. This should be an issue as fatal to Dems as anti-abortion has been to Reps in recent elections, but the sheep mentality is strong with Dems and the easily swayed, we’ll see.

    To use this as a political/election point blows my freakin’ mind. Can the entire liberal Party actually fail to comprehend the most basic common sense themes? Terrorism is no longer bad? How would a separatist faction in Texas be handled by the US? Does anyone think the US would let a small minority in Texas secede the entire State from the union, or even just let them get away with murder and kidnapping in the name of secession because they were based in a few of Texas’ major cities? That is the policy liberals are supporting. Personally I think it is about the most see-through Dem party news deception yet, but again, we’ll see.

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