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0814, 19 Apr 24

Teen Arrested to Thwart School Massacre

It’s good that the police were able to intervene before the teen did something. Clearly this is another isolated, mentally ill teen who needs help.

transgender 18-year-old planned a school shooting because he ‘wanted to be famous’, according to cops who arrested him after finding his 129-page ‘manifesto’.


Andrea Ye, whose preferred name is Alex, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with making threats of mass violence after allegedly planning to shoot up Wootton High School in Rockville, Maryland.


Police swooped on Ye after finding a ‘manifesto’ written by the teen which they said ‘writes about committing a school shooting, and strategizes how to carry out the act’.


In the pages, Ye allegedly wrote that he ‘wants to be famous’ and contemplated targeting an elementary school as ‘little kids make easier targets’.




Montgomery County Public Schools told Fox that Ye is an active student at Wootton High School in Rockville but has been attending through a virtual program and hadn’t been on campus physically since 2022.


Police reportedly said in court records that Ye’s sex is female but he uses male pronouns.


0814, 19 April 2024


  1. dad29

    The co-incidence of “tranny” and “killer” is a serious problem. There are at least 5-6 incidents over the last few years (Nashville being the worst) in which a self-proclaimed tranny has gone to deadly violence.

  2. jonnyv

    You are looking at the smaller picture. These kids, and going back as far as most school shootings, all have 1 thing in common. They were being bullied.
    Tolerance. That is what we should continue to teach. You may not agree with their lifestyle, but you need to be tolerant of it. But there are many people who right now are attacking the trans community and that directly rolls down to bullying in schools.

    This isn’t a “trans” issue. It is a bullying issue.

  3. Tuerqas

    JV, I have a couple of honest questions and one snarky one:

    Q1-When I was a kid in school we had a lot more bullies than today, at least it wasn’t any sort of public issue and no programs to modify bullies or treat the victims for PTSD were in place back then. Why didn’t we have a lot more of these trans-shooters back then when virtually no one was protecting them at all?

    Q2-If the kid has not been in school since 2022, how is it a bullying issue? if he is being bullied at home, wouldn’t the manifesto be talking about a home mass murder? I kind of doubt he is being bullied on screen as the Teacher would be part of it.

    Or is violence by a lib protected group just always the result of bullying, police abuse, or racism/bigotry, etc? We all keep noticing that lib perpetrators of crimes are never really at fault, where a red-neck white trash crime is always the fault of the perpetrator…probably because the lib media immediately portrays them all as bullies, abusers, bigots and/or racists, I guess.
    Unless you come back with surprisingly cogent answers for the first 2 questions, it will once again seem like you are just blindly defending this trans-person.

  4. dad29

    They were being bullied. Tolerance….

    Oh. So killing the bullies is ……..being………..tolerant? Their feeeeeeeeling-owie justifies murder in your system, eh?

  5. jonnyv

    Dad, nowhere did I say that killing ANYONE was justified, nor is any violence. Don’t be stupid. Kids don’t have the perspective of time. Middle School and high school is an eternity to them. And if they have tried to address it, and it is not being handled appropriately, I can UNDERSTAND why they would feel that this kind of violence is their answer to be seen and heard. Clearly that doesn’t apply in all cases. Trying to understand the reasoning for these incidents is not taking away fault from anyone, it is trying to better understand each person’s motive and looking to see if we can better address the symptoms. From what I can tell, anti-bullying campaigns have made a difference in many schools.

    As far as bullying goes, they live in a completely different world than we did. When we left school, we could leave EVERYTHING behind. Today nearly every kid is 100% connected via social media. Bullying doesn’t end at the playground like it used to, it follows you all the time. And kids can be cruel.

    I can’t speak to how he was bullied. But my guess is that if it was bad enough, he was having these thoughts SINCE 2022.

    Why didn’t we have “trans-shooters”. Because there were less public trans kids. If you were trans, odds are you probably hid it and people didn’t bully you about it. Today we push for a much more open and forward thinking public. We encourage kids who are gay, trans, bi, non-binary, NOT to hide who they are and instead embrace it and confront it head-on.

  6. dad29

    JV, don’t be silly. The fact is that these people have grave mental disorders, so “rationalizing” and/or “understanding” them is near-impossible. In fact, they are self-centered and selfish pathological egoists who SHOULD be told to ‘hide’ their disorder–or be committed to a nice quiet institution someplace where the rest of society will not be endangered by their ego problems.

    “Bullying” is not new, it is not any more serious than it was 30++ years ago, and by the way, proper parenting is obviously deficient. A good whack across the ass should tell the “bully” to back off. But then again, maybe we should “understand” the bully’s motives and problems, eh?

  7. dad29

    In PA, a tranny was in school for exactly three days before he (actual sex) assaulted a girl who was hospitalized as a result. The tranny also had at least two other girls on his “hit-list”–which was reported to the school FIVE HOURS before the attack.

    The principal dithered, which assures us that there will be more such attacks. See:

    This little boy should be experiencing reform school, not another place abounding in potential victims.

  8. jonnyv

    As far as this PA attack, do you want to bet that at some point it will come out that the girls this person was going to attack bullied her or harassed her? Not that it justifies the physical violence, but you usually don’t see someone have a “hit list” for no apparent reason. The attacker should be suspended or kicked out of school.

    But in general Dad29, you are not a serious person on this subject, and as long as you think that someone should hide their identity, you are not to be taken seriously on this subject. On top of calling this a mental disorder, which it is not. You also think homosexuals have a mental disorder, so… again. Not a serious person whose ideas on this subject should be considered valid at all.

    You really seem like the kind of guy who fought against Dungeons and Dragons for being “satanic” in the 80s. Or stood with Tipper Gore and the PMRC back in the 90s. Did you protest 2LiveCrew as well? You wouldn’t let your kid get a Starter jacket because it was “gang affiliated”.

  9. dad29

    Sorry, JV, your shallow understanding of civilization, culture, and Nature (Tipper? 2liveCrew? Starter?) merely reflects your inability to grasp the larger and far more serious issue here. It’s possible that you are stubbornly ignorant rather than intellectually incapable, I suppose. Either way, you have a problem.

    At the risk of wasting time and effort pouring water into a sieve, to explain this one more time, typing slowly: That little boy may or may not have been “bullied.” The school authorities should have intervened but they did not. It appears that they did not know about this horrific, terrible, life-threatening name-calling/torture of this poor little thing, a waif whose Mommy was not near so he could hide under her skirts. O Me, O My!!

    You can also bet that this boy’s mother is equally mentally ill and in all likelihood a single white mommy who is–like her son–coveting Approving Attention from the DEI people. In fact, it’s likely that the mentally disturbed Mommy forced this crap onto her son. So even you can guess why she is a single mom, right?

    The DSM’s diagnosis of both homosexual and “dysphoria” conditions agreed with me. They changed, but did not “advance” in so doing;. Instead, they are attempting to bless a war against Nature. They will lose. You have time to opt out of the same loser crusade, JV, and I urge you to do so.

    Be serious for once.

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