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0744, 19 Apr 24

Black Chicagoans Upset With Illegal Alien Policies

Chicago is run completely by Democrats. Illinois is run completely by Democrats. Biden is intentionally flooding the country with illegal aliens as a policy imperative. As long as Black folks vote 90% for Democrats irrespective of performance, their votes and values will continue to be ignored in favor of others. In this case, it’s Democrats caring more about illegal aliens than about Black Americans. Democrats don’t have to woo Black votes and they know it. If Black Americans want change, they will need to put their votes in play by actually voting differently.

CHICAGO (AP) — The closure of Wadsworth Elementary School in 2013 was a blow to residents of the majority-Black neighborhood it served, symbolizing a city indifferent to their interests.


So when the city reopened Wadsworth last year to shelter hundreds of migrants, without seeking community input, it added insult to injury. Across Chicago, Black residents are frustrated that long-standing needs are not being met while the city’s newly arrived are cared for with a sense of urgency, and with their tax dollars.


“Our voices are not valued nor heard,” says Genesis Young, a lifelong Chicagoan who lives near Wadsworth.




To manage the influx, Chicago has already spent more than $300 million of city, state and federal funds to provide housing, health care, education and more to over 38,000 mostly South American migrants desperate for help. The speed with which these funds were marshaled has stirred widespread resentment among Black Chicagoans. But community leaders are trying to ease racial tensions and channel the public’s frustrations into agitating for the greater good.



0744, 19 April 2024


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