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2108, 03 Mar 24

Squatter Steals Family’s Dream


When the Landas bought the house in October 2023, they discovered their spacious retirement pad came with an unwanted guest — a squatter by the name of Brett Flores.


Four months after signing on the dotted line, the senior duo told ABC 7’s “On Your Side” they still hadn’t managed to evict Flores — due to New York’s squatter rights — or move into the property.


“We’re looking to hopefully retire and most of all provide for my son Alex, who has Down syndrome,” said Susana, noting that all she can think about is: “When is this guy going to come out?”




Under New York state law, squatters are classified as tenants with rights after living in a property for 30 days. To reclaim property from a squatter, the owners must prove their right to the property and proceed with legal eviction proceedings — which is what the Landas are trying to do, but they’re up against roadblocks and delays.



2108, 03 March 2024


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