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1107, 19 Feb 24


These are the kind of things that make regular people roll their eyes when a story starts with “experts say.”

In a recent survey conducted by a panel of experts specializing in the American presidency, President Biden was ranked the 14th-best president, while his likely 2024 presidential opponent former President Trump found himself at the very bottom of the list.




Biden was placed ahead of Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan and Ulysses S. Grant. Former President Obama was ranked No. 7, eight spots higher than when the experts were polled last year.

Really? I would even put Obama ahead of Biden. Certainly Reagan and Grant. Wilson was a raving eugenist, but even he had some good qualities. Frankly, any ranking that doesn’t have Coolidge in the top 5 is invalid.



1107, 19 February 2024


  1. Tuerqas

    Did these experts have their knowledge expertise in social media and thought control/manipulation? That would fit the list, I think.

    I guess since all recognized experts by the liberal media are liberals there really could not have been any other outcome, could there?

  2. Merlin

    Expert propagandists, for sure!

  3. dad29

    An Australian “Expert” has advised parents that those parents NEED THE PERMISSION OF THEIR BABY to change said baby’s diaper. You will be shocked to learn that this “expert” has purple hair, too.

    Expertise is different now than it was in the ’60’s….

  4. Tuerqas

    >Expertise is different now than it was in the ’60’s….

    I would argue that the downfall of the intelligentsia really started to hit hard in the 90s.
    When liberal experts could not successfully parse what Clinton meant about the word ‘is’ and so accepted his story.
    The IPCC came out with global warming and killed the careers of everyone who disagreed in the slightest.
    The commandeering of the Dictionary to fit liberal definitions. There were a lot of watersheds falling over from the deluge in the 90s.

  5. Mar

    Probably the same experts who said during COVID thatasks and vaccines would prevent COVID.
    Probably the same clowns who says that climate change is real.
    Probably the same people who believe Trump is the antichrist and Hitler
    Probably the same experts who believe Senile Joe Biden is competent to run the US.
    Probably the the same experts that think AOC is intelligent.
    Probably the same experts who think Kamala Harris is a good vice president.

  6. Tuerqas

    Probably the same experts who prescribed Radium as remedies and beauty aids.
    Probably the same experts that offered ‘duck and cover’ to protect from nuclear attack.

    >Probably the same experts who think Kamala Harris is a good vice president.

    That’s a no-brainer there. Do you think liberal or social media would ever allow the first female VP to have a bad review for history? Like it was for a black President, saying something bad about her would just mean that you are a racist or misogynist or most likely both. It would be a train wreck of PR for political women, no?
    She’ll be top ten for certain by these experts. See, any woman or minority must be great at the job to prove they should be there at all so the engineers of liberal society will go full bore to paint her as a great woman and even greater VP. God forbid we could have an honest critique of any female or minority at any public job.

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