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1641, 08 Feb 24

Deadbeats Abound

Loaning money to unemployed college kids has always been a high-risk endeavor. When the federal government guaranteed, and then took over, the loans, that risk was transferred to taxpayers against their will. Now this is what far too many deadbeat college grads and dropouts think about taxpayers. Selfish deadbeats.

Santos is “overwhelmed” by her student loan balance because she currently doesn’t have a job. She asked her TikTok viewers: “Are you guys paying your student loans back?”


Surprisingly, a significant number of people who commented admitted they aren’t paying their loans back. Some, like Santos, appear to have forgotten completely, while others have purposefully sent their loans to collections or ignored their payments altogether.


Many of those who commented said they haven’t started paying their student loans back because they can’t even afford their monthly payment.


1641, 08 February 2024

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  1. Tuerqas

    The perfect definition of today’s ‘higher education’. All they learned was that they did not actually have to pay back their loans. Imagine if we got enough people to agree not to pay taxes until student loan debt was brought up to date…Taxes, loans, whatever, what is the difference between 35 trillion in debt and 50 to 100 trillion in debt. The Government as is won’t ever pay any of it back. They can’t even get into view of balancing a single year budget with the Hubble.

    Just make the elected officials and their patrons responsible for the debt they create, that ought to solve everything.

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