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1319, 07 Feb 24

Gallagher’s Defense of Vote is Not Principled. It is Idiotic.

Rep.Gallagher posted the following defense for his “no” vote on impeaching Secretary Mayorkas on X. Here’re the problems with his argument:

1) An unelected cabinet secretary is not the same as an elected president. How you treat one does not set a precedent for the other. It is perfectly acceptable to have a higher bar for an elected president than an unelected member of the government.

2) Impeachment is an inherently political action. It was intended to be so by the Founders, which is one of the reasons the language in the Constitution is broad and does not include specific prerequisites. Lawmakers are allowed to use their judment to decide if a government official is meeting the ethical standards we want our government to meet.

3) Specifically for Mayorkas, it is not just about him dutifully implementing Biden’s open border policies. Mayorkas has repeatedly, deliberately, and condescendingly lied under oath and obstructed Congress’ consitutionaly responsibility to provide oversight.

4) From a political lens, we all know that Mayorkas is never going to be convicted by a Democrat Senate. Impeachment is mostly symbolic, but symboilism is important. While Democrats are willing to use every political and legal lever available to them (and some that aren’t) to fight for their agenda, Republicans repeatedly fall short. Impeachment is a perfectly suitable and constitutional response to the Biden Administration and Mayorkas’ blatant disregard for the border enforcment laws dutifully passed into law by previous Congresses and Presidents. The fact that Gallagher isn’t willing to use that response is a failure on his part and confirms for many base Republicans that the Republican Party is in it to lose.



1319, 07 February 2024


  1. Merlin

    Consider that maybe we don’t receive substance precisely because too many base Republicans are pacified by mere symbolism. Symbolism is cheap, easy, and short-lived. Achieving substance requires a level of distasteful engagement in rough politics that too many of those base Republicans absolutely abhor. Democrats and RNC-types play to this reluctance to engage in activity that offends their delicate sensibilities. It works. We seem to be the ones who don’t understand the game.

    Symbolic winners. Principled losers. Same difference.

  2. dad29

    Gallagher doesn’t even understand what he WROTE: “…..faithfully implemented Biden’s policies…..” is the High Crime of breaking the oath he took as Mayorkas took office. It IS a High Crime to allow an invasion of the United States, no matter the wishes of the “President.”

    So Gallagher is lying.

    There are only two beneficiaries from Gallagher’s vote: cartels and Big Ag.

    Want to speculate?

  3. dad29

    Owen’s editorial worked!!!

  4. Owen

    I don’t think he was a terrible Congressman even though this vote was terrible. But let’s see if the Fox Valley can do better.

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